The 草莓社区, through its Productivity and Development Center鈥檚 Government Quality Management Program (GQMP), is inviting all ISO 9001-certified public sector organizations to register online and become part of the national Database Management System (DBMS) starting August 7, 2023.

This initiative aims to build a comprehensive database to support the GQMP鈥檚 efforts in building valuable statistical insights into ISO 9001 certification trends in the government sector. DBMS-registered agencies will have access to data tailored to their information needs.

The GQMP DBMS registration can be completed in three steps: (1) Access the site and go to 鈥淐reate an Account鈥 section; (2) Fill in the necessary information about your agency and its ISO 9001 certification; and, (3) Submit the registration form and await confirmation.

For more information and inquiries about the registration process, please contact the DBMS Coordinator, Mr. Philip Jordan Olimpiada, through mobile (09366209618), email (, website (, and Facebook (