Pasig City- Project Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics, Research and Development, Training, and Adoption (DAP-SPARTA) opened enrollment for its online data science and analytics (DSA) courses on January 31, 2024, via Zoom Video Communications.聽

The DSA courses and pathways, which were previously offered at no cost through a grant from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), are now available for a fee according to Course Officer, Monica Grace Reyes.聽

SPARTA鈥檚 scholarship grants are also offered for a limited number of slots, Reyes stated during her presentation on the project鈥檚 current offerings.聽The first learning package covers enrollment in any of SPARTA鈥檚 six main pathways, which ranges from PhP 4,999 to PhP 13,999.

The second package, composed of 12 microspecializations, ranges from Php 2,999 to PhP 3,999.聽

Learners can also take individual courses that are priced at PhP 999 each. This offering is geared towards those who have few courses left in their pathways or new learners who want to try a course.聽

The SPARTA team also announced improvements based on learner feedback and unveiled plans for new courses in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and specialized analytics for local government units.

SPARTA graduates shared success stories, with Christjohn Rhoie Palacol highlighting the program’s role in his professional growth as he transitioned from a field engineer to an analytics professional.

Enrollment for 2024 is open year-round. For more information and course schedules visit SPARTA鈥檚聽 profile, follow its and pages, or join its.